DECAY includes moments of loud noise. For the best listening experience, set the volume of your device to a very low level. After you started the audio play back, increase the volume until you can listen comfortably.

In collaboration with:

Tobias Grewenig – Programming
Sven Linßen – Programming and Web
Sabine Fetzer – Margreiter Technik
Sebastian Bathe – Concept and Support
Stella Jermann – Concept and Support
Andrea Jermann – Equipment
Melissa Arcak – Equipment


Sebastian Bathe
Tristan Drobik
Katharina Görke
Alexander Görke
Stella Jermann
Edmée Laurin
Sven Linßen
Daniel Nehring
Fridolin Schoch
Giorgi Shekiladze

Thanks a lot to all helpers and friends
for your both content and moral support!

With special thanks to
Franka Hörnschemeyer
for your support
and our rich conversations.

CG, 2021